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"I can finally confirm that they exist and everything you say is true. I have acquired 65 out of the 88 from a collector in Italy."

"They were printed and issued in Spain in 1968. They pretty much follow the same storylines as the US and UK editions (as far as I can tell, not speaking Spanish). However while some fronts are exactly the same, most - including all the bloody ones - have been completely redrawn."

"It is fascinating to compare the fronts of the Spanish set and the standard set. There is a huge contrast. Not only have they dropped the bloodier cards, but the pictures also reflect very definite cultural and stylistic differences. The pictures are differently composed and the characters look different. It is worth bearing in mind that, although the subject matter is American, they were produced in Spain at the height of the spaghetti westerns, which commonly had a Civil War element."
- Brian Pendreigh

(Thanks to Brian for the scans.)

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