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Pepperoni Roll Variations

Country Club Bakery
The original pepperoni roll
has 3 or 4 finger-sized sticks of pepperoni

Country Club Bakery - notice the orange, grease-stained bread... delicious

D'Annunzio's Pepperoni Rolls
Two stix of fingersized pieces of pepperoni baked inside a 3 inch italian roll

Colasessano Pepperoni Roll
wrapped in foil

Colasessano Pepperoni Roll
Ground pepperoni, peppers, cheese and sauce

Colasessano Pepperoni Roll
hot from the oven

Abruzzino's individually bagged

Abruzzino's Label

Abruzzino's pepperoni rolls have 2 pockets of pepperoni slices rolled up inside

Rhodes Bake-N-Serv Frozen Dough
pepperoni rolls made like cinnimon rolls click here for recipe

BFS Foods, Inc.
sold at BFS gas stations

BFS Foods, Inc
1 pocket of pepperoni slices rolled up inside

Pizza Inn Pepperoni Wraps (TM)
read more

Roger's & Mazzei's Label

Roger's & Mazzei's
3 inch long bun with pepperoni slices and hot pepper cheese

Breadsticks with pepperoni "nails" give new meaning to "finger food"
click here for recipe

Tims Homemade Rolls
read tims page

S&B Bakery
Mannington, WV

Home Industry Bakery Label
read more about them

Home Industry Bakery
1 pocket with three, thick, pepperoni slices rolled up inside

Home Industry Bakery
individually wrapped rolls

Double Dave's

Texas Pizza chain version

Marg's Recipe

Sesame Seeds on bun

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