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Tomaro's - Clarksburg, WV
411 N. 4th St.
Clarksburg, WV
Must Eats: pepperoni roll, pizza
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Clarksburg is a city with a strong Italian heritage and some fine restaurants to match.
One of the most interesting expressions of West Virginian / Italian culture is the pepperoni roll, as made in several town bakeries. A short length of pizza dough baked around sticks of pepperoni scarcely bigger than wooden matchsticks, the pepperoni roll has become popular through much of West Virginia, and you will find versions of it sold in convenience stores, gas stations, and groceries. Tomaro's makes some of the best pepperoni rolls: modest-size handfuls of silky dough risen and baked around the spicy pepperoni, becoming an irresistible combination of zesty, oily meat and fluffy bread inside the crust.
Tomaro's has been a family business since 1914. It's motto: Eat Tomaro's bread today.
- Michael Stern, 5/4/2001 6:58:00 PM
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Open since 1914, Tomaro's is a fixture of Clarksburg gastronomy.
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West Virginia's favorite snack: the pepperoni roll
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